I love Sieghart’s approach to astrology.  It is so heartfelt and deep. He has a mature and sophisticated understanding of philosophy, psychology, mythology and spirituality – and that adds a great depth and breadth to his sessions.  I learn something new (and important!) every time.

Jo Evendon, Sydney

Sieghart’s Astrology sessions are amazing. I went into one session teary, confused and deeply troubled and came out light, with clarity, purpose and gratitude.
The sessions take me on a magical and insightful look into my psyche.
Sieghart’s compassion, intelligence, love of truth, depth and overview blended with his warmth and humour makes the sessions powerful and life changing.

Judy Steinfeld, Mullumbimby

Sieghart's analysis of my chart clarified a number of concerns I had, and helped me to understand my life more deeply. I very much appreciated his sensitivity and communication skills.

Althea Francini, Sydney

Sieghart's advice has given me a lot of insight. He identified aspects of my personality that were holding me back and the best ways to move forward. His interpretations of my birthchart combined with his psychological insights have given me a new, positive and enlightened outlook on life.

Maree Baldock, Perth

Sieghart is a master of his science, and a highly intuitive soul.  I have been astonished at what he has been able to tell me about myself and the influences on my life.  He has helped me find some clarity and move in a more balanced direction.  I have consulted him regularly since our first meeting and will continue to do so.  

Diana Pearce      Beirut, Lebanon

I want to thank Sieghart for helping me clearly looking at myself and seeing my right way ahead of me.  
Sieghart is really talented and helpful with his true insightful words. I asked many astrologers before him, they said what terrible things will happen in my life but they did not tell me how I can get out of it stronger as a person, and they did not tell me how I could change my troubles to happiness. Sieghart is true when he said that the happiness comes from the inside and not from the outside.
There were many blocks in my life -they were removed by his advices. I am really grateful to him.

Riham Elsayed Mohamed     Cairo, Egypt

Dear Sieghart,

I have no words which explain my thanks to you, because you caught my interest to hear to the nature and universe only through your fantastic astrologic knowledge. I am totally convinced that this hearing is the key to our life and you opened me the door.
Our session was not only about my birth-chart... for me it was really the beginning of a new view of life, which I have changed since our session in every department. The nature and universe are speaking to us daily and we only have to learn to listen to them. It is not easy, but you will do it, if you want and I want it.
I am very excited about this influence after one year in Australia. One year which is the most important year in my life what my further future is concerned, and you are an essential steppingstone on my way during this year. 
I thank you with all my heart for this wonderful experience and learning lessons about astrology.

Tamara Zimpfer        Baden-Baden, Germany