Venus is the second-closest planet to the Sun, orbiting it every 224.7 Earth days. It is the brightest natural object in the night sky, except for the Moon, and maybe for that reason alone Venus has been called “The Queen of Heaven” in antiquity. Before the advent of the telescope, Venus was known only as a wandering star. Several cultures like the Egyptians and ancient Greeks historically held its appearances as a morning and evening star to be those of two separate bodies. Pythagoras is usually credited with recognizing in the sixth century BC that the morning and evening stars were a single body, though he espoused the view that Venus orbited the Earth.

planet venusThe planet Venus is covered with an opaque layer of highly reflective clouds of carbon dioxide, preventing its surface from being seen from space in visible light. Like a beautiful garment this cloak or veil is preventing us to see her original face, preventing us to see her fundamental beauty, or nudity if you like, which is making her to the emblem of a mysterious existence.

The origin of our existence has captured our interest since the beginning of human civilisation; we don’t know it and may never know it, as some call it the unknowable. Our origin is magical as well as mysterious, it’s a secret. And so is love, the most famous astrological association of Venus. Love is a mystery. We cannot bend it to our will; it is or it isn’t. We cannot force it to be, but we can realise it to be the force of existence once it has saturated our consciousness. That might be regarded a romantic idea, useless, even foolish, or just a religious fantasy, however, astrologically, as well as spiritually, love is the core of existence, its source and essence. And in my view astrology is a testament of love.two venus

If we look through the four-coloured-lens of astrology we find Venus placed in Taurus, in the core of the first quadrant, the soul, as well at the basis of the third quadrant, at the basis of existence or body, in Libra, the balance. With these placements astrology is simply indicating that existence is based on harmony, beauty and love and that the heart of our soul is made of love. Astrologically, love is meant to be simple despite its two sides.

This double existence of Venus in the zodiac illustrates two sides of her existence, the active and receptive energies, the light and dark, the obvious and the hidden. What it means without metaphysical gibberish is that love is not just glittery and wonderful; it is not just sensational, love has its dark side, which may be not pleasurable, but needed to keep life balanced. And, according to the metaphysical as below so above doctrine, the hidden source of existence, the dark soul below the horizon and the obvious existence above, are one and the same. Existence is the body of the soul.

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