Imagine you know nothing. You are a human animal and live side by side with dinosaurs somewhere in Africa. During the day you are busy with collecting food and because you are an easy catch for all sorts of faster and stronger predators you are very skilled in hiding. At night you usually hide in caves to have a secure sleep.
Now imagine that you as such a human animal can't sleep for whatever reason. You get out of your cave and walk under­neath the night-sky. There is no moon and the sky is unclouded. You have no idea what all these white dots are. You don't know a star. You are not aware of the immense space that unveils itself to you. It's all just black and white. And yet the beauty of it catches your attention. You stand still - in wonder and awe.
After a while your eyes get attuned to the immense number of stars and you start to see the differences in their brightness. As your attention is not disturbed by the unnecessary thoughts of modern life, you notice that the whole night-sky is moving. The stars are wandering from one side to the other. Fascinated by this discovery you see that night after night the same pattern occurs. As you develop a better overview, you observe formations of bright stars that do not change their position to each other while moving through the hemisphere. For the purpose of easy recognition you draw imaginary lines between them. The resulting imagery of the connected stars resonates with other images you know. There is the scorpion, the lion, the fish, the goat, the ram, the crab and so on. The creation of these associations between the star-imagery and the things you know in life is the birth-hour of the star-signs.

Thousands of years passed by. The created configuration of the star-signs in the night-sky changed so little that only today we know that they changed at all, for we know now that the whole cosmos is moving, turning and expanding. With the help of structuring the stars into groups you also became aware of other stars that could not be part of any fixed imagery for they were moving through the star-signs. After a while you noticed that some of these moving stars were faster than others and slowly, slowly you recognised their specific pattern. The ancient Romans knew five of those stars and named them after their gods Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Together with the Sun and the Moon these are the big seven celestial bodies of the traditional astrology.
Furthermore, these seven stars appear to move on a similar pathway, giving the observer on earth the impression that they somehow circle around the earth as the centre of it all. Although some very perceptive ancient Greeks already assumed the sun to be the centre of a solar system it took nearly another 2000 years to make it public and believable through Copernicus with the help of Galileo’s invention of the telescope. Until then the majority thought the earth to be a flat disc in the centre of the universe with stars hanging down on invisible strings. Now we all know that these stars are 'planets' that circle around the sun without any strings attached to them but just by the sheer force of gravity.
Thousands and thousands of years have passed by since you came out of your cave. Just recently you were able to sharpen your view with better telescopes and found three more planets that belong to our sun-system, Uranus, Neptune and the far away Pluto. And just a few years ago you discovered with a telescope that you installed in orbit far above ground, a tiny little rock between Saturn and Uranus, and named it Chiron, which is actually a stranger from far away who was adopted into our solar family. It took you a long time to find out all these things. It took you a long time from first drawing lines between the stars and then making more and more connections over to see the whole majestic cosmos not split into many different galaxies, into the host of stars that circle like the Milky Way around a black hole but to see it as one unitary “thing”, as one cosmic organism.
You found out many things, came to know many things. You are very knowledgeable now. All this knowledge of how the cosmos functions and even the many theories of how the whole existence came into being has two main effects on you. On the one hand it creates a separation between you, the observer, and the observed cosmos; like a scientist who has to keep distances to an object in order to have a look. On the other hand the knowledge enables you to connect yourself with everything, to understand the famous and mysterious saying that ‘we are all one’. That we are all in the same boat is what all mystics of all cultures have told us throughout history. Inside that organism that you carry around between the ears there is no problem with these two opposite results of knowledge. Separation and synthesis happen harmoniously next to each other in the brain. Both, scientist and mystic are naturally at ease with each other. But this harmony is now commonly disturbed for nowadays we only see differences without being aware of the cosmic unity.
Thinking that “Knowledge makes you strong” or “Knowledge is power” you got trapped into the brains habit of securing life. And because of that you are now dissecting and analysing everything. You do so to know more, believing that by knowing more you become more powerful, and thus better protected. You don’t realise that you thereby mentally detach yourself from the cosmic unity.
You created such a huge wall of knowledge that now hinders you to get out. You haven’t been thrown out of Garden Eden, out of the cosmic harmony; you actually locked yourself out of it. Having become an outsider in existence you no longer know anything about unity, togetherness, integrity or harmony, you know nothing about intimacy and peace; you have become a specialist who knows a lot about very little. You have become a special case in this otherwise beautiful nature because this one-sidedness of your mental activity creates confusion, conflict and alienation. And this is the present human predicament; it’s the sad truth.
Astrology offers you the right balance to all this. With astrology you can go very deep into detail without getting stuck there. As an astrologer you learn to see how everything is connected with each other and in doing so you actually create a greater connective­ness. Once you feel totally connected with everything there is no longer any psychological need to hide. All fears are gone. Having merged with existence the only thing left for you to know for sure is that you are. You are existent. You are alive. This is it! All other knowledge simply melted into the wholeness and now is as if not. From now on, whenever you step under the night-sky all knowledge is gone; the magic of the night-sky has silenced you. You walked a full circle. Once again you know nothing, you are innocent again but no longer ignorant. The difference to the beginning of your journey is that you don’t feel separate from this beauty. The beauty of life is not something out there; it is not something different from you. You actually know it very well from the inside-out. This feeling of being integrated, together and wholesome fulfils you with tremendous joy. You are totally at ease for now you have a totally intimate relationship with existence. You are not only in love with it; you are one with it.
This is the culmination of the mysterious science of astrology: a peaceful mind that is rooted in a loving heart. Something that is very rare these days. And this web-site is an invitation to walk with me on the heavenly path to peace. This is what astrology is all about.

Sieghart Rohr

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