One night in the grip of Neptune:

Love is first. Secondly, everything is born out of love without reason. Indian mystics call it simply "the Absolute". Love is the absolute experience in existence. Metaphysically speaking, the Absolute, Love, Truth, Nothingness, Death or Eternity are just different words for one and the same mystery. Buddha called it "nirvana", which literally means "blowing out the candle" to indicate the ensuing stillness of darkness. Love remains in the dark, it is unknowable. Hence, don't be foolish; don't think about love, live it. Thinking disturbs the silence of a lover. Love is essentially silence but not the silence of the dead, for it is vibrant, full of life. Philosophically speaking, the flower love is the most beautiful thing in existence when it is alive and conscious. The fragrance of this beautiful flower is consciousness and the very nature of consciousness is loving. Without love consciousness is just like the logic of a computer, it does not participate nor relate in life, it is indifferent, cold and distant. On the other hand, love without consciousness is just instinctual and mechanical, it only reacts but cannot act. Without love there is no real intimacy despite all the therapeutic work one has put into it, there is only sexual gymnastics. After all, love is a mystery; it does not need to be mystified nor glorified. Love is glory. See life through the eyes of love, you will love it. Love is reality, not a dream! Although its essence is silence this great mystery can speak too. Love is poetry, a celebration, a symphony. If language reflects life as it really is, without distorting it with any ideas, if one is in tune with existence, with a loving consciousness, then love itself is speaking!  Humans are blessed with the ability to love consciously, the possibility is there. But ...
The Indian mystic Saraha said: "A precious jewel deep in the mud will not shine though it has luster. Knowledge shines not in the dark but when the darkness is illumined, suffering disappears at once." He says the jewel of consciousness is in the mud. Humans could become conscious but not only their nostrils are filled with muddy shit, they are completely down under. They are totally in the shit. That's their misery. Shit happens, what to do? Saraha indicates that there is an inner urge in each of them that strives to blossom. Out of mud a lotus blossoms. It is the seed of consciousness that wants to live. It lusts for life. It is in anguish, it wants to come out, it wants to explode, it wants to shine. It is restless and suffers insomnia. It is ambitious, it longs for expression. Consciousness wants to be... but it doesn't.
As far as I can see, the human world does not express much conscious love. Even the followers of those rare flowers like Jesus, Moses, Mohammed and Buddha fight with each other. The world we know is full of strife, conflict and war, between nationalities as well as between man and woman. To relate, to be together in harmony is a mystery. Love is relationship, Krishnamurti said. Naturally, if love is a mystery then relationship is a mystery as well. No wonder that Jesus called his fellows a herd of sheep's for they must have been then, as they are today, a herd of idiots. That what it means to be a sheep! Sheep's are brainless people, shy, submissive and stupid according to my Oxford dictionary. And the herd leaders are not much better. Little Howard, tin-god of Australia, for example wants you to look at future events and not at the present situation. Asked about who he thinks should carry the Olympic flame, the Greek girl or the Australian daughter of IOC chairman he replied in a typical political manner with a question: why always think about the daily troubles, why not think about how nice it can be? Then he smiled from ear to ear as if he had said something very smart and modern. Think positive! Let's hope for the best! Lovers live in the here and now. Politicians are future teller and the one's who predicts the most appealing future get the most votes. It is positive to have the Olympics because it brings lots of money into the country. Meanwhile the petrol prises go up, GST hits hard on the poor; rent and other living costs, especially in Sydney, are enormously high. Here in our shire the intellectual elite wondered if Byron Bay is over the hill while Howard just wipes the present away and says: think of a glorious future, dream, imagine that the sun is shining, hypnotise yourself with a beautiful illusion and smile; like him from ear to ear, hiding the brown useless gelatine in between. Talking about future, recently I saw in TV scientists debating our global future. They think about to colonise other planets, implanting an atmosphere and thereby to spread life into the universe, creating new branches of life. Their motivation is that they know that time is short for our sun burnt already 50% of its capacity and is about to die in a couple of billion years. They are in a hurry. Scientists fear for immortality and politicians greedily fear for their possessions and their power. These are our leaders! Not to mention the pope and his bishops. This kind of leadership has nothing much to do with the love that I obey to be my guide. Love is my leading force. Love is my first priority. In my future vision reigns love.
Love is pure intimacy, it makes one out of two. In existence love is when two have melted into one. Love is oneness, wholeness, togetherness. Life is diversity but it is hold together in unity through the agents of love, commitment, trust and responsibility. Trust is the glue of the universe. Our world may look cracked but in reality love and its existence cannot split itself, it always remains one. To live in this world of duality without love is maddening, at least confusing. The doubting mind is the troublemaker. Doubt derived from 'doubling', making two out of one. Having two is confusing: one is too much, one has to be destroyed, the false, the wrong, the bad. But which one is it? Doubt creates opposition, strife, conflict. Doubt creates a mental double between the ears that rightly thinks itself to be separated from life. Love creates a harmony out of chaos. Truth is one, lies are many, Saraha said. Love creates unity, harmony, togetherness, oneness. Some effort is needed though. Understanding is needed. The right digestion of knowledge is needed, which includes the excretion of the unwanted shit: beliefs, fanaticism, idealism, etc. To renounce knowledge, to renounce all those concepts, is the most difficult thing in the world, according to the mystic Osho. But don't take that for granted! It might be much easier then you think it is. After sitting on the toilet one just has to flush it, otherwise it starts stinking. Don't wait any longer. Get out of the mud and don't forget to flush.  
Love to you all. 
Cabernet Sauvignon or Neptune or Sieghart ... who knows


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