What is humanity? First of all it is not any form of nationality. There is no nation that can be called humanity, not even humane. Human nature, humanity, originally meant to be kind and gracious. The “Royal Humane Society”, founded 1774, was originally to rescue drowning persons. This article though is not about rescuing a drowning humanity, but about the creation of humanity.  Nevertheless, The Royal Humane Society has a mouth-watering royal taste. The original meaning of society, dating from 1531, was friendly association with others, or friendly gathering. Interesting is that the word is linked to socius, companion, and to sequi, to follow, which makes a society to fellows that follow, which is exactly how I see societies.

I love the etymology of words to see what the originator of a word was realising and trying to convey to his fellows. The word companion derived from Latin com-, with, and panis, bread, and meant bread fellow or messmate. This word seems to be a Christian invention, but in a wider sense it indicates that companions were spiritual followers of an enlightened master. Therefore, to be social, which is characterized by friendliness or geniality, is a spiritual characteristic.
In astrology the connection between this spiritual characteristic of friendliness and the kind and gracious humanity is illustrated by the 11th house, Aquarius and its ruler Uranus. This house of friendship, and its ruler, is amongst many other things associated with change, the change within the unchanging unity, with might and action, which is the might of a deliberate activity opposed to arbitrary activity, arbitrary in the sense of coincidental and random; it is furthermore associated with science and Dr. Frankenstein, with idealism, with liberation, humanity and society, which are all embraced under the name "Spirit". Placed at the core of the spiritual 4th quarter, this Spirit owns the ability to change in an instance, from an unconscious society to a conscious individual spirit, which is the ability to liberate a human mind from the treadmill of Mother Nature. The circular evolution of the zodiac, the tredmill, is thus transformed into an elevating spiral evolution.

What we call society nowadays is rather a national economy; we wouldn’t say that we are companions or followers of a culture, we call us citizen. For members of a community the followers of a cult are rather strange people that lost their mind, because they were brainwashed. Others may say that those members are actually themselves brainwashed.
To determine who is brainwashed and who isn’t I differentiate between humanity and the human race. When we talk about human nature we have to be clear to whom that nature belongs, to humanity or the human race. Humanity is not the sum total of human bodies on this globe; humanity is not the human race. Therefore, if I talk about human nature, I refer to the nature of humanity. It’s a differentiation between human nature and animal nature; between beings and bodies, between spirituality and functionality. Human nature is spiritual, animal nature is mechanical; and as a body and its mind functions like a mechanism, it can be programmed, conditioned and brainwashed.
Astrologically it is the difference between the left and right hemisphere of a chart. On the left side of the meridian we have the 1st and 4th quarter, the soul-spirit, a loving consciousness, and on the right we find the body-mind-mechanism, the 3rd and 2nd quarter.
It’s a difference between man and animal. A rose is a rose is a rose; the same is true with animals. A dog is a dog; a lion is a lion; and they will remain the same their whole life. Man, and by man I mean humanity, man is not born as a man. What we call a human is first of all just a human body, which is by nature animalistic. We may train and cultivate that animal, decorate it with elegant garments, but it remains an animal.

Man is a potentiality; humanity is not an actuality. Jesus for example, wasn’t born as Christ; before he became Christ, which is just another name for humanity; he was an ordinary human body, as we all are. Humanity is only a seed, we may become we may not become humane; but the possibility is there. From that point of view the human specie has a future; no other animal seems to have that kind of future. Man is the future. The birth of a conscious human being is the future.
Astrologers, by the way, are rather future-tellers not fortune-tellers. We don’t necessarily predict fortune; it would be fortunate if I could foretell the right lotto numbers, but I can’t. Astrologers can, however, illustrate that there is the chance for each individual body to become humane; which means, we are fortunate to have astrologers that can tell us about the future of man.
The creation of humanity is an individual task; it’s the task of an individual to free itself from the common brainwashed condition, and to unite with other individuals into The Royal Humane Society of the new millennium. As it is, humans, human bodies, are conditioned to follow the rules of society; they are conditioned to function like slaves of a society, like puppets on a string. A citizen is not a free man. Democracies, like all other governments, are modern slaveries. Citizens believe to be free for they vote for their rulers, without realizing that the moment they were born as a child the society starts transforming the child into a slave, tuning its mind into a follower. Society is not interested in free people.

Societies reflect the interest of nature. Mother Nature is not interested in the individual, the free man. Mother Nature is only interested in the survival of the family, of the specie, the collective. Mother Nature is only interested in the survival of life. It is an inherent task of every body to prove its worth to Mother Nature by being more skilful than others, by skilfully adjusting to an ever-changing environment, and thus it helps to guarantee the maintenance of life; life has to go on. We don’t think we are slaves of Mother Nature or society, we think we humans are above nature; we think we own this globe, dividing it into our properties, nations, etc. We are so deluded by the human expertise to know what we are doing, thus we are killing our lungs by destroying the forests, poisoning the waters and polluting the air in the name of national interest and its financial security, meddling with our food supply by engineering our own fast food crop; and all that with the blessing of experts and politicians that promise to have everything under control. This is the famous Aquarian imagery of Doctor Frankenstein who wants to be God and thus creates a monster, the atom-bomb and genetic food.

Nature is ruled by the laws of Mother Nature, and societies reflect that mechanism. We all serve societies as citizens as we, as bodies, serve Mother Nature. That natural mechanism is exploited by the rulers. Usually better educated than the ruled they are aware of this exploitation, which doesn’t make them stop it, as it is very comfortable to have slaves. Whosoever is in the position to rule over others will do this more openly than ever, for it has become politically accepted –I don’t know about politically correct. And this social condition of the ruler and the ruled, the rich and poor, is naturally getting stronger too.
Which is the reason why bullying in schools is getting stronger too. We have to toughen up our kids from early age on, in order to make them able to stand their ground in this harsh environment we call our nation, our society. In nature the inherent pattern of the strongest survives remains the same more or less over many centuries, but as this natural pattern gets mentally reflected in the society, and as the mind is a kind of booster, the natural selective competition is magnified in our social life, which means, it becomes tougher, more brutal. That shows that our whole education-system is not interested in humanity, it shows that we are not interested in teaching our children, as well as ourselves, to be humane.

Education is meant to be a bridge between potentiality and actuality; to be a bridge between animal kingdom and humanity; to be a bridge between unconsciousness and consciousness. Education is meant to help you to become that what is hidden in the seed. What is being done in the ordinary schools and colleges and universities is not education. It only prepares you to get a good job, a good earning, a better standard of living, but not a better life. Our world prepares us only to earn our bread and butter, but "man cannot live by bread alone", with or without butter.
Education is meant to give you inner richness. It is not just to make you more informed. But nowadays education (and its knowledge) is linked with outer richness, with money, power and status. This education is fear based and reflects Mother Nature’s necessity to survive: The better educated you are the better are your chances to survive. Naturally you are afraid to be on the losing end. This kind of education is primitive and violent for it teaches you competition, as it happens everywhere in the animal kingdom. The so-called education is nothing but a preparation for a cut-throat competitive world where every body is the enemy of everybody else. Hence, peace cannot happen. How can peace happen in such a violent, ambitious, competitive world where everybody is at each other's throat? This kind of education sees life unfortunately only as a struggle. No wonder that most of us struggle to make a living.
Life should not be only competition; competition is needed if we see it as the natural means to have a healthy body. Life should be joy too. But the joy we see nowadays is the joy of having won a gold medal, the joy of having achieved to be better, stronger, faster and richer than the other. But linking competition and joy in that way only enhances the competitive drive, it doesn’t teach you the spiritual joy of life.

By simply imitating the ambitious drive of Mother Nature we learn to be higher then the other, we learn to prove our superiority; to prove everybody else is inferior to us. With our barbaric superiority we are proving to Mother Nature that we have succeeded and earned the right to be selected to maintain our existence. If this kind of ambition remains our goal in education, how can there be for example human equality? Mother Nature doesn't know anything about equality anyway. There is no equality in nature. Equality is a human realisation that beyond the diversity of life and its competitive drive, there is cosmic harmony, a communion. Without this communion there is no unity; without this communion there can't be peace. This cosmic communion from heart to heart can be educated in our communication from mind to mind.

Education should prepare you to be yourself and not a follower of cut throat ideology. Education stems from Latin educare, "bring up, rear, educate," and is related to educere, "bring out," from ex-, "out" + ducere "to lead". Education literally means to lead you out; it means to draw out that which is within you, to make your potential actual, like you draw water from a well. But this is not practiced.  On the contrary, things are being poured into you, not drawn out of you. This so-called education is feeding you the guidelines of the animal kingdom.
Real education would be to bring out what is a hidden in you, to discover, to reveal what God has put in you as the treasure. That treasure I call a loving consciousness. The real meaning of education is to lead us out of darkness into the light. Humans live in darkness, in unconsciousness, but with the ability of becoming enlightened. The consciousness is there, as a seed, but it has to be awakened, ignited, it has to be inflamed. The education that you are a conscious human being just by having a human body is absolutely wrong.

When Buddha was asked by an astrologer, “who are you”?  He said “I am awareness.” Nothing else, he did not pretend to be God, he did not claim to be the man. In astrology awareness is the essential quality of the Soul, the first Water quarter. Buddha's teaching is not to yield to social pressure, not to follow any inner or outer authority, not to be a conformist, not to hanker for comfort and convenience, for if you do, you have to pay for it with your soul and consciousness. According to Buddha all our modern societies are soulless.

The society uses every citizen as a soulless machine; society wants everybody to be obedient, to obey its rules, to function according to Mother Nature’s law. If the ruler says go and kill members of other nations or religions for they are the enemy, the citizen is obliged by law to do so. Not long ago the disobedience of defectors was punished with death. This society does not need you to function as an intelligent being, for the intelligent being sooner or later would say, no, I cannot do this. An intelligent human cannot be part of an army. In the Army you are trained to follow. They train the human body to become a deadly machine that maintains and secures the ruling system. Soldiers are not freedom fighters for they are not securing human values; they are securing the economy of Mother Nature.

Real education is to draw out the human spirit, to widen one’s attention, to enable everyone to use one’s mind and not unwittingly being abused by it. We are taught to differentiate between nations, religions and skin colour, to see everyone as a competitor. Naturally, we see more and more brutal wars. More and more people are being born in poverty and squalor. We don’t care what happens to another so long as we are safe. We are actually becoming more and more apathetic, dull and moronic towards the calamities of others by watching the daily news. And we are educated to fit into all this fighting, this quarrelling, bullying and being at each other’s throat. This is madness, and this madness is the result of a sick human mentality. And we all grow up to fit into this unwittingly, or even willingly. Society, as a representative of Mother Nature, wants us to fit into their pattern of values. Naturally, we all are willing to follow her. If we now would begin to think and learn for ourselves, not in the sense of becoming anti-social, but in the sense to go beyond the limitations of Mother Nature, if we would begin to be sensitive again to what is happening around us, to see the poverty, the injustices, the pain, the barbaric condition of all societies, see and feel how awful it is, we will grow up to be a different human being, one who cares for people and for life.

Education is not just to pass examinations, take a degree and a job, get married and settle down, but also to see the extraordinary beauty of nature, to feel it and be in touch with it, be one with it. But as it is we simply become jaded and lose our sensitivity, for we are worried with our daily necessities; we need or want more money, we need a job, a better car, more children or less children. We become jealous, ambitious, greedy, envious, and thus we lose the sense of the beauty of life –we become indifferent to it.
Human bodies throughout the world -whether in America or in Europe, in Africa or in Asia or here in Australia- are being educated to conform, to fit into society and into their culture, to fit into the stream of social and economic activity, to be sucked into that civilised stream that has been flowing for thousands of years. This stream is the projected stream of thoughts belonging to Mother Nature. And being sucked into this unconscious mechanism, each mind gets assimilated or infected by this feverish drive of society.

Real education means that the human mind, yours and mine, not only is capable of being excellent in mathematics, architecture and history, but is also enabled not to be drawn into that feverish drive of society. For that way of life is corrupt, violent and greedy. The question is how to bring about the right kind of education so that the mind can withstand all influences of this bestial civilisation. We have come to a point in history where we have to create a new culture, a new civilisation, a totally different kind of society, not based on competition and profit-taking, but a culture based upon humanity –not economy. Real education would be to promote a change of all societies, not just in America, and not by killing assumed enemies or rescuing a rotten finance system, but by promoting an education that helps us to change, each one of us, to change from a natural animalistic attitude towards a humane perception. There is no need to create a hierarchic spiritual elite that leads the sheep herd towards enlightenment. What is needed is an education that promotes human ideals.

Astrology is in my experience a very good educational tool to promote humanity. As a science of pattern it is often used by many as a prediction-tool, however, if one goes deeper into it, one learns to see how all these patterns relate to each other. You learn how all is connected with each other. This will lead you to an all-inclusive perception that all is one; that there is an inter-galactic connection between each and everything, between the furthest stars and the nearest atom.
Astrology has the advantage of not needing an enlightened teacher, as it is an enlightening teaching. The education of human kind is usually the forte of those we call world teacher, enlightened master, son of god, messiah, messenger of god, or simply a conscious human being. Their teaching however has just become one of many other ruling systems poured into our minds. Because of that the followers of Jesus and the followers of Moses and the followers of Mohammed, Buddha, Mahavir and Lau-Tzu, as well as the followers of any other guru that claims to be a self-realised Tanta master, or whatever, they all are fighting and quarrelling with each other for following the true master, the true religion, the better one, and because of that they call for jihad and sanction bombs to be dropped on disbelievers. This has nothing to do with education or religiousness; it has nothing to do with the creation of humanity. Let us come together and change.

Sieghart Rohr

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