“Astrology is an aspect of the metaphysical tradition known as the ancient wisdom. When correctly practiced, it leads the astrologer into a direct awareness of the demonstration of the “Geometry of God”.                 
                                                                                              Alan Oken
The astrological language is a language in itself; it can be spoken in any language but it is free from any cultural influence, whether that is national, philosophical, religious or spiritual. Astrology is a cosmic language that defines intergalactic unity or oneness, as I call it. All is one, or based on oneness; everything derived from one common denominator, one common source or origin. This is in stark contrast to all other languages whose main objectives are to define differences.
Any language on earth is a communication tool. That we exchange information in different tongues shows that different clans were evolving in different places or different environments and thus in different ways. Yet all of the cultural languages, Arabic, Indo-Germanic, Asiatic and so on, only use different vibrations or words for the same things. We all are tired, thirsty or hungry in whatever tongue you express it, all nations have militaries, hospitals and libraries -however we label these institutions. Clans divide for whatever reason -economical or otherwise- and thus different slangs evolve, like German and English for example. They are like brother and sister who evolved in different ways –and although they are using the same words they are expressing them differently. Similarly have different nations different cultures of views, different perceptions or opinions. We all have police, politicians and priests, and all that, yet we have different ways to judge their usefulness or uselessness. We have different perceptions and opinions of how to behave with each other; we trade different thoughts on God, good and evil, and so on. The focus is on differences.

We hold onto different sets of values; thus speaking a different language is not just using different words for the same thing. We judge and approach life differently even if we speak the same language. There should be no problem with it yet there is. We kill others because they think differently! We have holy wars where we kill in the name of our God, in the name of our holy book that allegedly has been written by God. Or we kill out of economical reasons for that is how God’s creation, Mother Nature, functions. A clan that wants to spread its territory, for it is in need for more food and thus probably gets into competition with another clan over that territory, is basically behaving on an animalistic level. Instinctual nature follows the law of ‘the strongest survives’. So they fight for superiority in order to survive, killing the other if needed. This is our modern way of life, call it American if you like, but it’s animalistic, it’s the way Mother Nature functions.
Now this kind of killing, killing for survival, is different from that which happen in the name of God or in the name of democratic freedom. The first is purely animalistic, the second is because of their “fixed” mentality. Humans that hold onto specific sets of rules and perceptions -call them religions, ideologies, philosophies or national culture, whatever, are fixed in their thinking, going back and forth on the same rails of thoughts. And because of that we see all those culture-clashes in all their brutality filling the news-hours. Thinking differently, not just using different words, makes it very difficult to communicate, to make sense of each other. If we don’t understand each other we get easily confused and quickly mistrust each other. The bottom line is: “If you don’t think like me you must be my enemy.” President Bush’s statement ‘you either with me or against me’ implies that in case you are against me I might have to get rid of you so that I can live in peace. Making peace by killing all those who think differently is of course a very narrow-minded, inmature and barbaric way. But that is the way we now commonly communicate and relate with each other for it has been stated as the political way of life! If it is ‘politically correct’ is doubtful. However, it’s refreshing to see new political faces like Obama promoting change in America promising a more humane kind of politics.

The focus of the astrological language is cosmic unity, oneness beyond diversity. This oneness is indicated by the cross-point of the four-coloured lens of astrology. Astrology reflects on existence through this four coloured lens, which is synonymous with “the four elements”. CG Jung, the pioneer of modern psychology and astrologer himself, reinvented it as “the four psychological types”, which consist of the four basic functions of intuition, feeling, sensation and thinking. These are synonymous with the four elements fire, water, earth and air. These four elements or four quarters of the astrological circle describe the ways of life, how all these fragments relate to each other. Through this lens one can observe the colourful diversity of life; see the connections of all fragments and thus understand the unity of it. Like astronauts astrologers have a good overview of life. Astronauts see ‘unity’ with their eyes, they see ‘one’ planet. The blue eye of the universe! Astrologers do understand the unity of existence. They see the unity of all through this blue eye of the universe. The astrological understanding of unity is the antidote of confusion and mistrust. Living life without confusion we don’t kill our enemies; we simply don’t have enemies! Unity enhances our life condition on earth, no war or destruction results in economical stability for everyone. Human unity reflects our humane nature, which is not really opposed to our animalistic nature but a refined condition of it. When we have earned the title ‘conscious human being’ then we don’t have to behave like animals. We are free to do otherwise.

The first step in astrology is to step under a clear night sky. They say that some of those stars are actually not there anymore. Some are millions of light years away. So, who knows if that what we see does really exist or is only a product of the past? A trickery of light! We might have to wait a million years to find out. However, fact is stars come and go, but what about this black background? It’s not the space we are drifiting in. According to Einstein space coexists with time and matter. Space, time and matter are the inseperable results of the pace of energy. If that energy stands still there is no existence. In that sense existence and non-existence co-exist in an either or relationship. Yet the amazing benefit of astrology is that it can make us aware of this nothingness, which is the base of everything, the space-time-existence, although it doesn’t exist! This mysterious energy that either moves or doesn’t is the base, the origin of all.

In a religious sense the originator or producer of everything is God, for God is the origin of all things, the creator, as they say. The origin of all cannot easily be imagined as naught, hence, the story of a god above the clouds. In a astrological sense is the source a symbolical illumination of creativity rather than of a humanly imagined creator. The ‘creator’ indicates that ‘man’ has the ability to do, the might to act, whereas the ‘origin’ indicates that something just happened. The first astrological differentiation is between a willed executed action and an arbitrary activity, between action and chance, will and coincidence. It is by chance that we are. It’s not our achievement, our doing. Our very being is a gift, something given; it has fallen into existence (like we fall in love).We just bumped into it, so to speak. Fact is that the origin lies in the dark, under the horizon. Fact is that the source of all is a secret. In a astrological sense Pluto, the ruler of the Underworld, the invisible core of existence is a secret that represents the mysterious ways of energy. As the soul this energy is in a standstill, as life it is moving. Life is a movement, an act of the soul.

The source –the soul- has the ability to act, which is astrologically indicated by one of Mars’ main quality, aggression, but placed under the line of the horizon, where everything is a biological process, aggression is simply acted out. As for example our heart does not pump because I want it. Thank God! But that it is beating does not mean it is aggressive. Life, and its heart-beat, is not aggressive in the sense we usually use this term. Life is a coincidence; it’s given to and taken from us. We have absolutely no chance to change this. There we are powerless, ineffective, without will. Above the horizon we have made this might to act our own, we incorporated it, adopted it. Looked more closely, it is a conscious act rather than an unconscious happening. The spirit acts consciously; the soul arbitrary. Above is the mighty spirit; below the sleeping soul.zodiac
The might to act is in both halves though. The spirit, the IV. Quadrant, is symbolically viewed as the will, the might of action, whereas in the soul, in the I. Quadrant, Mars willingly follows the laws of Mother Nature. In mythology Mars is a female creation without male seeds. Not just representing the ideal female image of a man but also an indication towards the female soul being the source or origin of all activity. The Greek deity of war and battle Ares is, compared with its Roman counterpart Mars, a barbarian, uncultured, brute. As well it seems that the big bang of existence, marking the very beginning of our being here, has been very brute and powerful. For the Romans Mars was not just a savage warrior but represented also fertility. The ability to bear is of course feminine. Accordingly, Mars is a symbol of feminine force. ‘Bear’ derived from Indo-Germanic bher,ascent, stir, move’. The warrior activity indicates a needed aggression. The Romans did have a deep insight into the nature of aggression. The latin word commonly used in the sense of hostile attack literally only means ‘to set in motion, unprompted, unforced’. Aggression and fertility have thus a common denominator, the might to set in motion.

Please note the little hint ‘unprompted, unforced’. Aggression is thus an action not a reaction! Yet from a physical point of view it is an expression of unconscious nature. According to science does the “prefrontal association cortex” of the brain process the will, and thus, scientifically, Mars is the will of Mother Nature, which is anchored in her brain.
To set into motion is the actual art. What is done with it or what is set into motion is the colorful game of life. All games follow rules and unsurprisingly we have the laws of nature. Mars’ aggression is needed to start the game, to initiate the movement of life. Initiative, determination, enterprise are qualities that portray Mars; intention is another, but what is important is that Mars does intent not what he intents to do - “what” is the trade of give and take. The astrological intent is to find out the cause of initiation. How did it start? Who did it? Who’s the culprit, who is responsible for this action? A conscious human being or an unconscious human body?

Unconscious not in the sense of deep sleep but of instinctive, animalistic. Human animals, with an animated subconscious, but without guidelines of how to use the mind, commonly fall into a trance, out of which hardly anybody wakes up again. If the mind therefore runs by itself it follows of course the laws of nature, as for example ‘the strongest survives’. The imperious behaviour of the Americans with their arsenal of weapons of mass-destruction and their plundered richness is therefore –obviously- barbaric, animalistic. They should be barred and punished from the human community for inhuman behaviour. Whoever gains full responsibility over one’s might to act should also have learned to use it humanely. To act humane is -astrologically- a godly act.

VenusSo, the astrological differentiation between a willed executed action and an arbitrary activity, between action and chance, is illustrated through the first and fourth quarter -the first and last, if you wish. The first, the origin, the unconscious soul, contains Mars, the warrior of the Soul who represents the ability to get started, to move, but as the soul below the horizon is rather an unconscious movement, Mars therefore represents arbitrary activity. The fourth quarter, the Spirit, is astrologically associated with action, which I would rather call might or the might to act, to enhance the contrast between first and fourth. Now, if we take the essence of the Soul to be love, simplyfour quarters because Venus, goddess of love and beauty, represents the core of the soul (Taurus or the 2nd house), then the differentiation between Spirit and Soul is the ‘act of love’ and ‘love in action’. So, action is not just action -who or what this action instigates or initiates is the astrological quest. To be able to answer it first hand we need to be clear about this difference. And Clarity is another association of the forth quarter, of the sky above the ocean. We all need clarity in all sorts of situations. We need clarity in our relatioinships, in love affairs, as well as in forreign affairs. We argue, fight and kill each other. We preventively -as a precaution- kill now our enemies. That’s the latest fashion of political behaviour. We need clarity in our relatioinships between nations, we need clarity in matters of peace as well as of the heart. Astrologers are peacemakers. Our art ist to enlighten what is going on. With clarity comes the ability to act!

The laws of the astrological language are reflected in all ways of life, in science, in politics in religion and even in technology. For example, if we instead of looking through the astrological four coloured lens look at life through the old TVtube then we are maybe more entertained and fascinated by the second-hand illuminations than by life itself. The picture on the screen of the tube is created by three inner light canons, red, blue and green, which in the astrological circle represent spirit, soul and body. Technically speaking, the missing yellow, representing the mind, is a diminution or rather a withdraw of blue out of green, out of existence. Taking blue away, feeling away, yellow thinking is left over. In other words, when the soul withdraws –or is not recognised to be- the mind takes over. The yellow mind activity reflects the knowledge of the technician who knows how it works. Not everyone is a technician who watches TV, we don’t need to be a technician to be able to watch the illuminations on the screen. This knowledge is needed to create this trickery of light in the first place, as well as to repair it, but it also can help to distinguish trickery from reality, which is for someone who wants to be conscious and not caught up in confusing fantasies of tremendous importance.

So the main differentiation between the cosmic language of astrology and any other language is first of all that is not an arbitrary act of the mind mechanism that simply reflects its own mechanical activity: measuring, labeling, comparing, judging etc., but a self-willed act of a conscious human being -it’s the difference between an authentic speaker and a mechanical repeater.  And naturally, if we speak authentically from our heart, we speak the language of peace and harmony.

Sieghart Rohr


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