The physical sun is a shining majestic loner in the centre of our planetary system, but with a surface temperature of about 6ooo°C who wants to be close to it anyway; it’s just too hot. And it’s very big; the equatorial radius of this huge hydrogen bomb is about 110 times bigger than that of our planet earth. To make it more obvious imagine the earth to be 1cm, which is approximately the size of a finger-nail, the sun would be then 1meter and 10cm, which is approximately the size of one very big step.  

It is definitely the star of our surrounding neighbourhood; in its presence we don’t see any other. Only at night we may become aware of many more stars. While the light emitted from our sun only travels about 8 minutes to reach our planet earth, the closest of those stars that illumine the night-sky belonging to the Milky Way of our galaxy is 4 million light years away, and other galaxies may be many billions of light-years away, which means, taking the life-span of a sun into account, what we see in the night-sky is maybe only a trickery of light, a reflection of the past, for what we see might not be there anymore, as the light has to travel millions of years to get here. Few of those stars may have died already before their light reached us.

‘Our’ sun too is an aging star, for with an expected lifespan of about 8 billion years it is currently in its mid-life crisis 4th billion year. We all are affected by it because our sun is the source of our physical existence; we all, earthlings, as well as all other planets, are made of its stardust. You may also imagine the earth to be a piece of coal, still hot inside, but cooling down away from the main fire with its crust being the fertile soil on which we live and feeds us, and of which we are made of. In that sense the Sun is an indicator of the essence of our very existence.

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