What shall we do to have peace on earth? Science delivers us a beautiful, harmonious and orderly picture of a cosmos. We are born into that cosmos yet our life on earth seems rather tattered, chaotic, anything else but harmonious. The problem at hand seems to be multidimensional. Violence, political revolts, racial and religious conflicts, ethnic cleansing, the 3rd WW on terror, deception and corruption, immense poverty, this horrendous yet enormous rift between rich and poor -these are the daily headlines worldwide. But it’s not just the way we relate with each other; the way we relate to life is as if we were some kind of a deadly virus that is out to destroy it. ‘Ozone-holes, deforestation, genetic meddling with our food supply besides treating it with pesticides’ are all suicidal activities.

Our fast growing techno-societies, where everything is measured and valued in terms of money, all steam head on into alienation - “all against everyone” is the slogan of the new musketeer. Naturally, this leads to high unemployment, empty pockets and skyrocketing costs for the poor, elderly and sick. Not surprisingly more and more people wonder about the whereabouts of human values. That we do not have global peace is only because there is chaos and fear inside the human mind; there is an inner war going on in all of us! All human warfare is actually only a reflection of this inner war. But instead of looking inside and realising this inner war as the source of all worldly war-activity, we look outside for reasons and solutions. Once we see the whole stupidity of war, all reasons of why it is are stupid too, whatever stupid reason we’ve got. Once you see that the confused condition of the human mind is the reason for all warfare, you realise your responsibility. It’s your mind, isn’t it? And in case it runs loose claim it, get a grip on it. We can't just go on like this!

We have to stop the nonsense we are doing. We are responsible for all this madness. We created all these different forms of societies with their rules and concepts of what to do and what not to do, and of how to relate. And because we all maintain different sets of rules, national, philosophical, religious or economical rules, we have discrepancies, strife, conflict and war amongst each other. But all concepts, including the one of democratic freedom, are the results of a confused mind. Thus it is not a question of which system is the best, but to understand our motivations to relate in such destructive ways. That means, it’s not just about educating the poor the American way of how to become rich, or educating the rich of how to stop being greedy. We all need to understand what is going on, and why.  Before you ask me what to do let us first acknowledge that we are responsible, for then you might also realise that it would be irresponsible not to do anything. Being responsible gives us not only the individual freedom to act independently and not like a conditioned monkey, but also the duty of care to do something about this barbaric human predicament. For then -having realised our responsibility- we can no longer defend our indolence with the claim that we have no volition, or that we are victims of circumstances. We cannot shrug it off asserting that one alone cannot do anything. That we are at a loss seems to be obvious, but to remain indolent and apathetic is irresponsible! For thereby we declare that we are just slaves of our instinctual animal nature like all other animals.

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