Before Copernicus straightened up the cosmic picture the whole universe was circling around us! Our flat earth was seen as the centre of existence. We were meaningful. We had dignity and superiority. We were the children of God! In those old days Popes and kings and their astrologers were the official link to God. Since Copernicus we know that the earth is circling around the sun, we are no longer the centre of it all. We lost on significance. More and more ‘black holes’ appeared in the picture with billions of suns circling around each one of them. More and more possibilities of many more children appeared. With growing knowledge the universe also increased in size, but because of it God’s heavenly home, just above the clouds, had to move further and further away, beyond these ‘black holes’. Although Martin Luther allowed us to have a private affair with God, Nietzsche claimed that God is dead and then came Marx and poisoned the soul. Darwin made it clear that we derived from monkeys and not from God, and Delgado went even further and defined us monkeys as biological machines. We have been reduced to a piece of mud that has been taught to walk and talk. Meaning has disappeared from man’s life. And the problem of meaninglessness is growing in a world that seems to be only interested in strong ecological security, defending it with weapons of mass-destruction.

The controversial Indian mystic Rajneesh enlightened: “Meaning exists only in relation to the whole! A piece cut out of a painting of Picasso has no meaning. Similarly, man without God has no meaning.” Yet the meaning of God has to be redefined. It can’t be anymore a humanly imagery living in heaven opposed to the devil in hell. God, the creator of all, the source of all, is thus the connective string between every single thing in existence, the common denominator. God is a symbol of cosmic intimacy, of cosmic togetherness, wholeness.
Astrology is a four-coloured lens that allows us to see cosmic wholeness in all its diversity. It is thus not just creating a healthy or holistic ideology but a clear perception that also puts us into place. We become integrated in this wholeness and thus we become meaningful again.
The astrological focus is the birth of a human being. At a particular moment of time we rise or ascend into existence, but we emerge from the dark, first of all, as bodies not as beings. There is a difference between body and being. As bodies we are not different to animals. Physically we are mammals. We might not walk on four legs or live naked in the wild, for with our hands free to do other things we learned to handle nature. If we believe Darwin’s evolution theory or not it is obvious that we are not much different to gorillas and orang-utans. If we look at the embryonic state of life we are even less different to many more life-forms. And if we look at the cosmic origin of life we see no differences at all. The further back we go in time the less difference there is. At the very beginning, before the birth of time, all has been one, a unity or singularity. Beyond that, let’s assume, is none, nought.
What makes us human animals different to other animals is that we claim to be conscious, yet I find it strange that there are not many who could actually define consciousness. It’s not just being awake; that’s clear. We might be able to handle knowledge very well to such an extent that we are able to fly to the moon, but even that doesn’t make us conscious. There is great difference between being conscious and being knowledgeable.

The word 'conscious' literally means ‘complete knowing’, which does not mean to know everything. There is an implication in the dictionaries that we are "steering knowledge from a commanding position" rather than being driven by it. ‘Being driven by knowledge’ would mean to be something like a robot or an android –Mr. Data. The conscious human being is steering knowledge; the human body is unconsciously driven by it. The difference is between an authentic speaker and a mechanical repeater. The authentic speaker is aware of himself to be there and thus in a commanding position to speak, while the mechanical repeater is like the voice on a tape-recorder. ‘Being humane does not refer to our simple existence as a human body. The body is animalistic, a human being is conscious. The voice on the tape can’t be, even if it is the voice of a bio-computer. This is the difference of ‘completely knowing’ oneself and ‘having knowledge of’ oneself. The voice on the tape is the knowledge of oneself! Self-knowledge is not the same as self-awareness. The knowledge of ‘I am a conscious human being’ written in a book or stored in a computer is meaningless. The astrological focus is on the birth or embodiment of consciousness, which is the birth or the enlightenment of a human being.

How does it work? Astrology is a cosmic language that reflects the ‘Geometry of God’, as some say, or simply the ‘logistic of existence’, the pattern of nature. All other languages have their own symbols or words, which we learn by growing up. Each human clan learned to see and express the world according to the natural circumstances it was living in. Hence different languages evolved in different places with different points of views, with different perceptions.
Understanding the astrological symbolism one is enabled to speak a universal language that resonates in all languages without getting stuck in their ideological framework. Its aim is to allow each individual in its own unique way to speak a humane language that is globally understood for it is the language of the heart, of a loving consciousness. Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, all those enlightened beings speak or spoke to us from heart to heart. To me, they were true astrologers.

Astrologers are peacemakers, for they create not only peace of mind but also global peace and beyond that cosmic peace by illustrating cosmic wholeness or cosmic unity. I therefore give first of all the metaphysical overview of astrology. The first and most important part is to integrate you into your place, into the cosmic wholeness. This is to make certain that the second part -the psychological in-depth study of the individual- integrates the individual psyche in its totality and not into an exclusive ideology!

Sieghart Rohr

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