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"I, for one, am very grateful to nature, not just when I view it
in that aspect which is obvious to everybody, but
when I have penetrated its mysteries;"
Seneca Naturales Quaestiones 1.3

Initially Mars, Mavors or Mamers, one of the Dii Consentes, was the Roman god of fertility and vegetation. The god of spring presided over agriculture in general as defender of herds, boundaries, and fields, warding off disease from fields and animals, and only later became associated with battle and war. As God of War he became Mars Gradivus (the Strider), awakened to battle by generals striking his sacred shield and spear with the cry, “Mars viliga!” He is accompanied by Pavor and Pallor who instill fear and confusion in his enemies. Originally, he is a solely feminine creation without a father. Juno, his mother, is said to have used a magical flower instead –a lily. In a sense, Mars is the ideal man in the eyes of a woman; muscular and straight-limbed, potent and protecting (his desired object: damsel Venus). Metaphysically Mars is not seen as the result of a mating, because Mars is not an offspring -he represents spring itself!

Sieghart Rohr

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