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Astrology, what is it?


There are still a lot of misconceptions about astrology. Astrology is not about some far distant stars that influence you or your destiny, that do something to you. Astrology does not separate you from the stars. Astrology is a science of wholeness not of division. Everything is seen as a whole, where nothing is missing nor too much. Hence, everything that happens in this whole cosmos happens simultaneously everywhere on earth as well as inside of you. You are the star and if you have forgotten this, astrology can help you remove the enclosing dust to allow the light to shine forth.

...and what is it good for?


We are born in a cosmos but we live in chaos. Living in a world of violence, immense poverty, political revolts and terrorism, racial and religious conflicts, deception and corruption, it is obvious that we have friction and severance. Everyone has his own truth, his own beliefs, opinions and views. Everyone has his own mind. We only see differences not unity and differences are commonly perceived with hesitancy and distrust. It is an art to tune two different mind-sets into a harmonious and peaceful unity. What to say about the whole of humanity? The holistic approach of astrology is medicine for a confused world that lives in conflict. To have a holistic view, to see the wholeness of existence, to see togetherness, a oneness beyond the diversity of life, to see an all-embracing unity is a very healthy mental condition. Seeing the oneness of life brings real peace and not just truce.

...and for whom is it?


Basically astrology is good for everyone who wants to know himself, who wants to be harmoniously integrated into the wholeness of life. It is for everyone who wants to relate naturally and not just react like a puppet on strings according to the limited and restrictive man-made conditions of a society. Astrology is very good for those who go through a confusing transition. There are the complications of the teen-age, the Saturn-return of the young adult, the mid-life crisis of the middle age and the final quest of old age. All ages have different topics at the base of their evolution. Astrology is a timeless tool that shares its insights to everyone.

Cosmic laws of astrology


Water runs down, vapour rises, the sun shines and gives warmth, electrons circle around a core, everything in existence happens naturally according to cosmic laws. Astrology is the science of how all these different laws relate to each other in a holistic way. As it happens out there in the sky so it happens simultaneously inside of you, in your psyche. The human psyche is the finest instrument in existence. Containing all cosmic laws it reflects the intelligence of life itself. At its highest peak of evolution the human psyche blossoms like a flower, revealing the beauty of life: a loving consciousness. Restricting the psyche with man-made rules and conditions blocks the unfoldment of this beauty. Every kind of rule or dogma, belief or prejudice is like a knot in the stem of a flower. The natural flow is disrupted and blossoming cannot happen. Astrology helps you to undo the knots.

It has become popular to compare astrologers with gardeners, for gardeners know what kind of seed will grow in what kind of plant. As the condition and the genetic imprint of the seed define the possible outcome, similarly, the birth-chart, seen as a cosmic imprint of the human psyche, defines the possible future of an individual. Thus one could say that the astrological chart shows what you are meant to be. According to astrology existence, we all, you and I, are made of love, as Venus, goddess of love and beauty, is placed in the heart of the soul.

Astrology ...the evoloution of a loving consciousness


The human evolution is an evolution from unconsciousness towards consciousness, from chaos and confusion towards peace and stillness. The present human predicament seems to indicate that the human mind seen as a whole is still in an unconscious, instinctual state, with only very few individuals rising above it. Hence a radical change of our use of mind has to happen to achieve a situation where we can live in peace, without conflict and war. To change the mind radically your whole attention is needed; an extraordinary sensitivity is needed. The mind cannot be still if there is any conclusion, prejudice, dogma or belief. For sensitivity to be, the mind has to be still, unoccupied and silent.

The highest form of sensitivity, with the mind completely still, is the quality of love. Love is the most extraordinary thing if you have it in your heart. Love is not pleasure. Love has nothing to do with fear. It is not related to sex. It is the quality of the mind that is free, sensitive and intelligent. If the mind is still then the heart is able to spread its fragrance called love. Astrology enables the mind to root in the heart and thus allows a loving consciousness to shine forth.

Astrology ...the cosmic key to understanding


Astrology helps you to understand your present condition. It illustrates to you the make-up of your inner motivations, desires and needs, your wordly and cosmic direction, your trust, wounds, fears and courage, and many more. An old German adage says: "Recognition is the first step to recovery." If you come through the astrological enquiry to the realisation that you have been unaware of yourself and imprisoned in social conditionings, that you have been a sleepwalker, stuck in dead routines, then the next thing is that you wake up, naturally. Being awake and conscious your natural qualities of love and trust never leave you again. Understanding is the very key. Understanding is the very action that creates clarity, stillness and love in the mind. Such a mind has no speculation, no theories, no concepts, it wants neither to dominate nor be dominated. Only such a mind can be aware of ecstasy and live in bliss. With bliss and ecstasy comes real peace. And peace is what this world needs urgently.