(BFM 99.9 Radio talk 1 May 2003)


There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold
And she's buying a stairway to heaven...
And it makes me wonder....
There is a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings...
And it makes me wonder....
Yes there two paths you can go by but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on...
And it makes me wonder....
And if you listen very hard the tune will come to you at last
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll...

You know what makes me wonder? How come that we have at present so many prime ministers and presidents that promote war in the name of peace. We kill all our opponents and call it not murder but the necessary will to act forcefully to install democratic freedom. No weapons of mass destruction are found yet but the Americans are now anyhow worldwide seen as liberators and heroes, with the exceptions of terrorists of course, they see it differently. Interesting to note is that there is a rise of an aggressive behaviour worldwide against those who think differently since America’s went to war against Saddam Hussein. Such manner seems to be now more commonly accepted. Attack is the best defence! Let’s kill before we get killed. Only a dead Indian is a good Indian. Yeah! Now that the mighty America has won over evil Saddam Hussein does that mean that ‘good’ has won over ‘evil’? “The good killed the evil,” that’s good? I don’t think so! That has nothing to do with peace but only with power, or overpowering. It will lead to retaliation somewhere and the war game continues! No one wants to be bullied, neither the Americans by terrorists nor the Iraqis by the Americans. Force only leads to force as every animal shows its teeth when threatened. Peace by force does not exist!

What kind of freedom is that anyhow when Iraqis oil is controlled by the Americans, and the money the Iraqis get for selling oil to America they have to pay back to American companies that help to rebuilt Iraq, which has been destroyed by American bombs. And in due course of the democratic process the new Iraqi government will (be obliged to) buy American bombs and stealth-fighters. All this is very good for the American military-business, that’s for sure. Now they can build new bombs for North Korea, Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Syria and probably for General Gadaffi too and if everything runs smoothly they might even take on China, who knows. The UN has become useless for the superpower does anyhow what it wants. Remember the Kyoto Protocol and the jurisdiction of the international court in Den Haag? Americans don’t want to bow to the democratic system of the majority. The strongest always knows best. But what brings me really the goosebumps is that there are so many idiots that applaud this display of madness. I can’t believe this. We are living in the 21st century; we have so many technological inventions that could easily make it possible to support everyone on earth with food, cloth and shelter. What else is needed? There would be no problem at all to do so. So why don’t we? All concerns and worries about the physical survival would be -once and for all- left behind. And then this “No worries mate,” would really make sense. But instead we waste so much energy with all these war- and power-games. And nowadays you get even the war action and all its strategy of how to kill the quickest and the best delivered live straight into the living room so that everyone can participate in it as if it would be a computer game. Have we all gone crazy? Didn’t we learn anything in the last … five or ten thousand years? Can’t we stop with all this madness? What is your problem, man?

If the whole globe could unite in such a way that there are no longer any physical survival problems there would be no territorial conflicts. Those conflicts are really only about securing one’s food-supply. And the strength of security is measured in the amount of power and money. It’s all about money. Some people have so much that they could live secure for thousands of years while many have to struggle every day for their survival. If we could organise our life on earth in such a way that all our bodily needs are taken care for by the human community then all what is left for us to do is to relax our brains. And to make that very simply I suggest: let’s forget all our fights of the past; let’s forget all our cultural differences, let’s take off all our cloth and face each other nude. Without any sexual fantasies of course, but also without any social or political masks, without any national or religious attitude, without any cultural wrappings, let’s forget all the behaviour rules, commandments, doctrines, laws and morals. I am talking about a mental striptease. Let’s even forget to be a man or woman. Let’s be human! Just human! If we do so, you immediately will see how much madness is gone because of that. If we come together only as humans, then all those wars between different national, political or religious ideologies immediately disappear. That’s clear, isn’t it? All exterior differences -physical, cultural, religious or political differences- have no meaning, they are utterly irrelevant to a human being. Without any territorial or ideological conflicts worldwide there would be no reason to be at war with each other.

I totally object to the idea that warfare is part of human nature. We commonly excuse our warfare with our nature. That is bullshit. Pardon my French. It might be the nature of animals, because nature’s law is that the strongest survives. You see, in nature male animals compete and fight with each other to gain the rights to penetrate all the females, because that is nature’s way to select superior genes, to secure the survival of the specie. But it is the selection of an unconscious nature. If we see ourselves as animals then of course we have to follow those natural laws but if we consider us as being human and above the animal kingdom then we should hold on a minute and contemplate what it means to be a human. It quickly becomes very obvious that it does not mean to be an Australian or a German, an American, an African, Japanese or any other nationality; it does not mean to be a Christian, a Muslim or a Buddhist, it does not mean to be a lefty or a right wing communist, or a socialist or monarchist; human nature does not depend on the skin being red, yellow, black or white. These are all exteriors.

What our intrinsic human nature is really like we can easily observe when we look at babies. Before their brain gets filled up with all sorts of ideologies, they are so sweet, so innocent, so trusting, in any colour or shape, welcoming even the most poisonous snake with a beautiful smile. But when they grow up they become quickly suspicious and mistrusting, for along the way they were bitten by so many human snakes! So what went wrong in our human evolution? As far as I can see, any idealism poisons the sweetness of any innocent baby and makes puppets out of them, like this Texan Wild West cowboy.

You see, this madness starts already when idealism, any kind of idealism is indoctrinated into any child. The human mentality of the child becomes infected with a mental fever so to speak. It’s starts spinning, which leads to a weak will. Without a will humans are just puppets, without a will they can be easily directed, influenced, or manipulated. This happens a lot. Because the human mentality does not get educated to think, it only gets told to memorize and repeat, to imitate. Our schools commonly reward those who remember a lot and forget little and punish those who can’t follow and obey. Thus we don’t learn at all, we only learn what to think. If people like President Bush predominantly use their biceps instead of their brain simply shows that they never learned to use it. I don’t say that George W. Bush doesn’t have one but he should prove it.

If we want to change society for we see it as aggressive and repressive, indifferent, greedy, selfish and killing others, what we have to see is that we have to change, each one of us. We are the society. We are the ones that vote for those idiots; which makes us to idiots. Meaning we need better education! Changing the leaders does not help much, obviously, changing the system also not; just look in the history-books, it doesn’t work that way. We need to demand from our so-called leaders free education that includes lessons in the art of thinking. We have to change the use of our mind. So far we only use it to mould and restrict the minds of our offspring in a national or idealistic way because that was the way we were trained. But that way we don’t use our mind at all, that way the mind just runs mechanically by itself. This is unacceptable to me!

You might wonder by now what that has to do with astrology. Well, you see, there are still a lot of misconceptions about astrology. Before we can go into any kind of astrological interpretation, of the present situation or a person, we first of all need to get rid of those common misconceptions and ponder about the question, “What is astrology?” And the best way -I think- to start with, is to tell you what it is not. Astrology is not about some far distant stars that influence or even determine your destiny, that do something to you. Your destiny does of course not depend on the position of the stars. You are not a victim of the stars; you are not a puppet hanging on invisible strings that are directed by Venus, Saturn or Pluto.

That astrology is still widely perceived as a predictive tool actually stems from the ancient days where it was nothing but a calendar. In the early days of human societies cultivation became very important and with cultivation timing became very important. To be able to measure time meant to know when to cultivate the fields. The knowledge of reading the astrological calendar lied in the hands of the ruler and his priests. Keeping that knowledge amongst them strengthened their power position. To the ignorant masses the ruler either seemed to have supernatural abilities, had a psychic connection to the gods, a private telephone line or something like that, or he simply must have been a god himself. And the ruler and his priests -as well as the conservative parties of today- do not educate the masses, simply because they like to keep the power in their own hands. Knowledge is power, as we all know now; which is why it is so expensive to buy! Today it is unimaginable but in those days the simply knowledge of how to read a calendar was associated with godly powers. And this superstitious notion that astrologers can tell you the future, the right time for cultivation and harvesting, is still alive even today. Those rulers and their priests did a good job to keep the masses ignorant.

So, if astrology is not a prediction tool, then what is it? It first of all is a cosmic science, a science of wholeness. As an astrologer you learn to see that everything is magically connected with each other; that there is a cosmic harmony a cosmic unity, wholeness. Astrologers actually could be said to be peacemakers, for as an astrologer I know about togetherness and intimacy. I know about harmony, unity and oneness, which are all ingredients of peace. And peace is what this world needs urgently. Peace is the natural state of wholeness. It is an inner harmony of all single things. About ten thousand years ago the Upanishads, those ancient Indians that invented meditation said that ‘wholeness always remains whole’. That means you can’t take anything out of it nor put into it. Nothing is missing nor too much. This is it. And there is no way out of it. You see what that means? If we could see the totality of our existence as one whole organism, where everything is harmoniously integrated, then peace is a natural condition of existence.

Well, if peace is a natural condition of life then why do we have so many wars going on? Because the human mind is out of tune with the cosmic harmony! Why? Because we don’t use our mind properly! We can’t relax our minds because there is an inner war going on in all of us. All those wars are only reflecting the condition of the human mind. That’s why astrology is such a beautiful tool, for it teaches you a holistic understanding of existence. That relaxes your mind; naturally. Astrologers are of course not the only ones that know about wholeness. Scientists call it simply energy. Spiritualists call it consciousness. And from a religious point of view it is called God, for “God is all that, which is” as the Indian mystique Rajneesh once beautifully pointed out. The science of wholeness does not divide existence into the creation and the creator. Existence is rather creativity at work. To say it more poetically, it is ‘love in action’. You cannot divide existence into god, love, consciousness, creativity and truth, for they are only different names for one and the same thing. As a science of wholeness, astrology is therefore not so much concerned about predicting what will happen but about understanding one's own responsibility to be whole, which means to be healthy and holy; to be god and therefore to behave godly! In an astrological way I would say that you are the star, and if you have forgotten this astrology can help you remove the enclosing dust to allow the light to shine forth. Astrology is the art of enlightenment. It is about the unpredictable big bang in your brain that enlightens your inner darkness, and wakes you up out of your dream.

Sieghart Rohr

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